Le tachymètre de votre montre chronographe

How the tachymeter works on a chronograph watch

le tachymètre nous rappelle le lien fort qu’il existe entre le monde de l’automobile et de l’horlogerie.

A tachymeter’s technical and design aspects remind us of the close connection between the automotive world and watchmaking.

A counter on your wrist

A tachymeter [tæˈkɪmətər] is an instrument on the bezel or dial of your watch that enables you to measure speed in km/h or mph. The tachymeter must be paired with a chronograph in order to work. The start and stop functions and the large second hand allow you to see what speed you’re going.

Your tachymeter in action

Imagine yourself on a racetrack in the car of your dreams. You don’t know how fast you’re driving, just that you’re going at a constant speed above 60 km/h because you’re not there for a leisurely drive.

The track has markers on the ground every 1 km.

Perfect! You can use your tachymeter to determine your speed. Just activate your chronograph when you pass the first marker and stop it when you pass the next one. You can see at a glance where the second hand stopped, which will indicate how much time it took you to go 1 km, as well as your speed.


In this example, we can see that it took the driver 24 seconds to go 1 km, which is a speed of 150 km/h.



A tachymeter representing a love for cars

The tachymeter also plays an important role in the design: it is located on your watch’s bezel or dial, giving it a sporty look. Just like the chronograph complication, the tachymeter has been a favorite of drivers for quite some time. 

Wearing a timepiece with a tachymeter is one way to reveal your passion for fine mechanics.

Serie-A Allure Chronograph

The Serie-A Allure Chronograph was designed especially for car enthusiasts so you can elegantly express your sportive side. 

It features a Swiss automatic ETA 7753 movement. This reliable caliber is known for its durability and precision. It is equipped with a tachymeter scale that will enable you to precisely measure your speed and set new challenges for yourself.

Ready to set a new record?




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