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f-back - Dusk Blue
Sale priceFrom 750 €
f-back - Rising White
Sale priceFrom 750 €
f-back - Metallic Green
Sale priceFrom 750 €
f-back - Black Shadow
Sale priceFrom 750 €

Putting beautiful mechanics on as many wrists as possible

At Depancel, we’re on a mission to put beautiful mechanics on the maximum number of wrists! And to do that, we’re focusing on quality rather than quantity: we make few timepieces, but we make sure to make the good ones.

What this means in practice is that we start by asking you what you think, therefore we’re sure we’re making watches you’re going to like, because they meet your expectations. From the design to technical specifications and color options, the Depancel community has a say in every decision.

Also, we sell our products through pre-orders: we have very limited inventory. That’s why we can invest the majority of our costs in the quality of our watches, and thus offer you a great warranty!

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