Our mission

Putting beautiful mechanisms on as many wrists as possible

Our team

We are a team of eight enthusiasts who are driven by creativity and sharing. Like a team in the paddock: cohesion, exchange and passion are the watchwords at Depancel. Our philosophy of life is simple: dare to be bold so as not to have any regrets.

We explain in detail what we do

and above all how to do it!

Putting enthusiasts at the heart of the project

A brand created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

In the traditional watch industry, the observation has been the same for years: brands that are often elitist and not very transparent, which put products on the market that do not reflect the expectations of enthusiasts. Conversely, when people are looking for an affordable watch, the quality is often not there.


Our desire with Depancel is to create a community brand in which you are at the heart of the project: you tell us what you want, and we then work to offer you the watch of your dreams at the best possible value for money!


Each new Depancel collection is an opportunity for you to actively participate in the creation of your watch and the development of the brand. Joining the Depancel community means living a unique watchmaking experience alongside other enthusiasts of fine mechanics.


The best quality is yours. Our watch collections are created by you, for you. This allows us to cut all non-quality costs and focus on what matters to us: your watches!


Each of our watches is the reflection of a common passion: each design has a story and takes the codes of emblematic cars that made us dream. An extension of this passion, to be worn on the wrist every day!

Depancel, or how to link two worlds of enthusiasts

Originally, Clément created Depancel with the desire to combine his two passions,Watchmaking and automobiles. Fascinated by the beauty of a watch mechanism and curious to understand how it works, he decided to learn the watchmaking trade while working as an engineer in a research laboratory in Geneva. In 2018, he launched his first collection of watches, inspired by the world of beautiful mechanics.

A contraction of Delage, Panhard and Facel Vega, Depancel appropriates the codes of emblematic automobiles to create watches with a sporting DNA. Logo inspired by the 1954 Facel Vega coat of arms, dials with the allure of dashboards, leather straps reminiscent of the construction of drivers' gloves: each collection reflects this passion for mechanics, both watchmaking and automotive.

In concrete terms, this is how it works

Depancel, a brand created for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

We start by asking your opinion

Our goal is to create watches that you like and that meet your expectations. So rather than imposing models on you, we start by asking your opinion through several questionnaires. Complications, characteristics, proportions, color variations, you choose everything!

We work on the products you have chosen

We then work on design and materials to offer you the watch of your dreams, but without compromising quality. To achieve this, we rely on long-standing partners who work with passion and do everything possible to ensure that your watch doesn't let you down at the first turn.

We open preorders

Once the prototype is validated, pre-orders are launched for a limited time. With this system, there are no stocks, no intermediaries, no unsold products: you wait a few months before enjoying your watch, but in return, you benefit from a quality/price ratio that would otherwise be impossible otherwise.

We launch production

As soon as the pre-orders are completed, we start production. And we take advantage of this to make you follow each step of the manufacturing process of your watch, from the machining of the first parts to the final quality control. Enough to make you live the experience to the fullest!

You receive your Depancel

This is the moment you've been waiting for most impatiently, the moment when you can finally wear your Depancel watch proudly (and talk about it around you!).

Thank you for being part of this adventure!

Today, several thousand of you have participated in the design of our collections and wear a Depancel on a daily basis. Thanks to you, we are getting closer every day to our goal of putting beautiful mechanism on as many wrists as possible!

Talk to you soon,
The Depancel team

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