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How a Green Mustang Revved Up Enthusiasts

Our article tells the story of the famous film Bullitt and how a green Mustang became the object of everyone's envy.

Green Bullitt is much more than a color; it's the story of a film, a car, an automotive legend and the passion of thousands of enthusiasts around the world.

Today, we tell you all about the most famous green Mustang in history.

It all began on the silver screen

In 1968, Peter Yates directed the film Bullitt, starring the famous Steve McQueen. In a nutshell, the film tells the story of a rebellious policeman named Bullitt whose mission is to protect Johnny Ross, a gangster whose testimony is vital to saving a politician's hide.

The film became famous for its 10-minute chase scene through the streets of San Francisco.

In this scene, we see Steve McQueen more determined than ever at the wheel of a Ford Mustang Fastback V8 GT 390. Color? Green, Highland Green to be exact!

And if the fiction surrounding the star and the car is exciting, the reality is even more so.

A legendary car and color

The famous Mustang has stood the test of time and left its mark on automotive history.

In 1968, the famous Warner Bros production company used two green Ford Mustangs: one for stunts, the other to be driven by Steve McQueen. Both carry unique serial numbers, 8R02S125558 and 8R02S125559.


The famous Mustang 559' was first sold to an employee of the production company, then later to a certain Robert Kiernan for the modest sum of $6,000. The 558' was not destroyed, but was lost and found years later somewhere in Mexico.

A few years later, in 1977, Robert Kiernan received a letter from Steve McQueen indicating that he would like the famous Mustang back. Unfortunately for the actor, who wanted the car more than anything, Robert refused. To this day, the car is still owned by Robert's family and could be worth several million dollars.

More recently, in 2018, to mark the 50th anniversary of the film Bullitt, Ford released a new-generation Mustang inspired by the one in the movie. Aesthetically, this 2018 Mustang also features fastback bodywork, the famous "Dark Highland Green" hue renamed "Green Bullitt", specific 19-inch wheels and a chrome-rimmed grille. For an even stronger tribute, the Ford logos have been replaced by "Bullitt" logos on the steering wheel and rear of the car. Mechanically, the Mustang Bullitt boasts 460 hp and 529 nm of torque.


Série-R F-back Metallic Green

We can't talk about Fastback cars and rebellious spirits without introducing you to our bestseller, Série-R F-back and its green dial!

Strong details are always present: a beveled case with the look of a radiator grille, a dial embossed with the pattern of radiator grilles, this time with a stripe that's not blue, white and red, but red, white and blue, in a nod to the famous Mustang logo.

Why a green dial?

To assert the collection's bold, sporty side. From the famous film to the legendary Gordon Bennett races, green has a strong link with the automotive world. So, connoisseurs will see in this new dial a tribute, a wink, but above all a way to express their passion for fine mechanics.

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