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We deliver to all countries covered by DHL and use DHL Express for watch deliveries in France and abroad.
All our parcels are delivered with a signature to prevent theft from letterboxes. If you are not at home on the day of delivery, you can choose from several delivery options on the website. You can have your watch delivered at a later date, leave it at a drop-off point or in a safe deposit box, or give it to a third party.

As soon as your watch has been collected, DHL Express will email you a tracking number. This tracking number will be your reference for the progress of your watch. In the event that you do not receive a tracking number, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

What are the shipping charges ?
We have a free shipping policy worldwide for all watches. For accessories, shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

Do I have to pay customs and other taxes when I receive my watch ? 

For shipments within the European Union; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden taxes and duties are included. For shipments within Switzerland and United Kingdom, taxes and duties are included as well, so you won't have to pay anything when the parcel is delivered.

For shipments outside those countries, you are responsible for the taxes and duties applicable in your country.

We remain at your disposal to assist you in these steps, contact us at or via the contact form.

The delivery date is normally indicated on the page of the watch you have pre-ordered.

While your watch is being made, you will receive emails to follow its progress with a reminder of the estimated delivery date.

If you do not receive the emails, please check your spam folder.

To add an item to your order, please use this contact form. Please be as specific as possible (full name, colour, size, etc.) and include your order number, your name and the item you would like to add to your order.
We'll send you an email with the item you want to add as soon as we receive your request (approximately 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends);
You will then need to validate the item by making a payment for it. Once payment has been received, you will be sent a new order with confirmation that the item has been added to your cart.

You can cancel your order as long as it has not been given to our delivery service.
Otherwise, in order to cancel your order, you must return the parcel with your watch in its original condition once you have received your watch.
If you wish to cancel your order, please use this contact form. Please be sure to include your order number, your name and the reason for the cancellation.
We will then do all we can to process your order cancellation and refund. You will receive an email confirming the cancelled order.

We work with a number of different service providers to enable you to pay for your purchase in several instalments free of charge.
During checkout, select one of these providers and click on 'Confirm Pay'. You will then be able to enter your bank details, accept the terms and conditions and confirm your order by clicking "Pay".
You will be charged each month until payment is made in full.
If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you: or + 33 4 85 64 01 02.

You made an error in your delivery address when you placed your order:
Please send us an e-mail to and give us your full contact details.

Will you be moving before your watch arrives and don't know your new address?
No worries! As soon as you have it, just let us know.

We'll get in touch with you a few days before delivery. Just to make sure that nothing has changed!

Warranty and quick start

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects occurring during normal use, as described in the following conditions: Depancel will replace free of charge all components that are defective due to a manufacturing error as determined by our technical services.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

Theft, loss, force majeure or the consequences of natural disasters.

Normal wear and tear and ageing of the watch (e.g. scratched glass, discolouration and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, textile or rubber, delamination of plated metals, stop of the battery after normal lifespan for mecaquartz etc.).

All types of damage to all or part of the watch resulting from mishandling or misuse, lack of maintenance or maintenance handled by non-authorized , negligence, accident (dropping, scratching, crushing, broken glass, etc.), improper use of the watch, or failure to follow the instructions provided by Depancel.

All types of damage indirectly related to or resulting from the normal wear and tear of the watch, such as for example, malfunctions, defects or inaccuracies of the Depancel watch.

The warranty is non transferable and the customer remains responsible for the goods until reception has been confirmed at our workshop.

Before wearing a mechanical or automatic watch, it is advisable to wind it manually by means of the crown (about 20 rotations of the crown in the closed position), and then to wait a few minutes before setting your watch.

To protect your mechanism from breakage, the simplest and least risky way is to set your watch to 6:30 and then make the various settings for the month, date and day.

The month setting should never be made between 22:30 and midnight on the night of the 31st and the 1st of the month.

The date setting should be done around the time of day and never between 8.30 pm and 2 am.

The daytime should never be set between 11.30 pm and 4 am.

Visit our YouTube page to discover our tutorials for setting up and using your Depancel: YouTube - Depancel

To help you get the most out of your Depancel, we have prepared some videos explaining how to set up your watch: YouTube - Depancel

You can also find on our tutorial page videos on how to install your Strap or Buckle.

Returns / Exchanges

Refunds or exchanges will only be issued for new items, without signs or wear or damage, in the original packaging. We check every returned watch for signs of wear or marks on the case, crystal and strap. We certainly understand that you want to try the watch on your wrist, but all watches must have plastic protection adhesives intact and still adhered to the watch. Sizing and removing bracelet links would invalidate a return. We do not accept slightly worn watches for refunds. If the watch is in perfect condition, we will refund the total cost for the watch. Please do not wear the watch if you believe it may be defective. If there is any sign of use, we cannot accept the return and we will send it back to you. If there is any sign of use, return shipping and cost will be the responsibility of the customer. Depancel is not responsible for products lost or damaged during shipment.

You have to return the watch within 30 days of receiving it.

If you meet the above conditions, you can either

  • Exchange your watch for a different model;
  • Return it for full reimbursement.

In order for us to exchange or refund your order, you must initiate the exchange process within 30 days of receipt of your order. You can contact us by email: or using the contact form

  • Send us an email requesting to return your product. You will need your order number. It must start with "DEP-". At the end of the process you will receive a return label. Print this out and send your order back to us.

Please ensure that everything is well protected when returning it. Depancel is not responsible for products lost or damaged during shipment.

You can track your return using the tracking number you received when you created the return label. As soon as we have received your return, we will get in touch with you within 7 days to let you know what we need to do with it.

* If we find the strap has been worn and you wish to exchange it, unfortunately we cannot exchange it. We will only be able to exchange the watch with your original wrist strap.

You MUST also provide us with your full contact details on paper. This will enable us to identify you. Without this information, the exchange or refund will not be valid.

For an exchange, please specify the model you wish to exchange. If the model you want is not available for the same price, we will refund you the difference, or we will get back to you if the price is higher.
Please contact us at if you have any problems.

After sale and maintenance

When you wear your watch, it happens that the deployant buckle of your watch comes off?

We invite you to check if you are not wearing your watch:

- - Too tight ;

- Too close to the wrist.

Indeed, when this happens, it is usually because your watch is too close to your wrist. When the wrist is flexed, this causes the opening of the buckle to be activated.

If, despite this, the problem persists, we invite you to contact us either by email at or by telephone on +33 4 85 64 01 02.

After a fall your watch no longer works?

Don't worry, our watchmaker will be able to repair it.

What should I do?

To initiate an after-sales procedure, please contact us at:

What will I pay?

We cannot give you a price for the repair of your watch without it first passing through the hands of our watchmaker. We will then come back to you with an estimate.

And after ?

As soon as we receive your watch from our side, we will inform you. We will come back to you once we have the information of the repairs. Depending on the repairs, the after-sales service time will be between 2 weeks and one month (after validation of the estimate by you).

Have you noticed that your watch has been running early or late for some time? It is possible that the setting has been changed. Don't worry, we can fix this. If your watch has not suffered any shocks or falls, it goes without saying that the guarantee applies to the repair.

As a first step, we invite you to try the following manipulation, as a mechanical watch may be late or early if you set the time before it is wound to 100%:

1 ) Turn the crown by hand 30 times so that the mainspring is fully wound

2 ) Wait one minute for the movement to reach its maximum precision

3 ) Set the time and date

4 ) After 24 hours, check that the watch is on time

Even if you wind your watch correctly, it stops after a few minutes or does not start anymore? It is very likely that there is a malfunction.

What will I pay?

Don't worry, your warranty covers this type of problem, so you won't have to pay anything.

However, it goes without saying that if we find that your watch has been neglected and/or misused, the warranty will not apply.

Here are the different stages of an after-sales service:

  • First of all, you will have to send us back the watch without its case;
  • We will confirm that we have received your watch in our premises and, if necessary, we will get back to you if we find a malfunction other than the one announced;
  • Your watch is sent to our watchmaker. In case of an estimate, we will come back to you once the watchmaker has sent us the different repairs needed to be done on your watch;
  • Our watchmaker takes care of your watch and makes it as good as new!
  • Our watchmaker returns the watch to us. We inform you and prepare the shipment with a tracking number for your future delivery. You can then track the return of your watch to you.

The price of an after-sales service will depend on several criteria:

If the problem is covered by the warranty, you will not have to pay anything, we take care of everything;

If the problem is due to a fall or misuse of the watch, you will be responsible for the repair costs. We will make an estimate with our watchmaker to determine the cost of the necessary repairs.

As with any precision mechanical instrument, it is important to have your watch serviced every 4 to 5 years to ensure that it is in good working order.
We offer a complete maintenance so you can enjoy your watch for years to come.
You can have all the information you need about your watch's service right on this page.

Other questions

Our offices are in Annecy (74) and our watchmakers in Franche-Comté (25) and in Switzerland.

We are not yet present in shops but it is a project we would like to develop in the future. For the moment you can find us online at

Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. ( CET TIME)
You can contact us:
by phone on : +334 85 64 01 02

by e-mail on :

by Whatsapp on : +336 51 01 11 75

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