Imagined for Gentlemen Drivers

With round watches designed to be timeless, the Serie-A range will appeal to fans of classics with references to the 60's car industry, as well as to more urban enthusiasts with modern collections.



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La gamme SÉRIE-A


Conceived as a tribute to lovers of fine mechanics, the watches in the Serie-A range will appeal to fans of classics as well as to more urban enthusiasts.

What matters with his Serie-A on his wrist? Living your passion along the way, the destination is only a pretext!

All Serie-A watches are designed to express the passion for fine mechanics with elegance. Can you recognise the strong details that pay tribute to the most legendary cars?

A round case that is both sober and refined, a crown in the style of a car’s radiator cap, a dial stamped with the motif of the grilles, a racing strap perforated or worked in the style of car seat leather: everything has been thought out to project you behind the wheel and follow you in your daily adventures!

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