Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki
Offroad - Khaki

Offroad - Khaki

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Serie-P Offroad Khaki is an invitation to push your limits and make every day a new adventure with a design that pays tribute to great automotive adventurers who take on technical routes like the Dakar. The compass feature and 60-hour power reserve make it the perfect watch for your most extreme challenges.


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Plot your own course with Serie-P Offroad!

Serie-P Offroad

Offroad is an invitation to push your limits and make every day a new adventure with a design that pays tribute to great automotive adventurers who take on technical routes like the Dakar. The compass feature and 60-hour power reserve make it the perfect watch for your most extreme challenges.

The off-road world down to the smallest detail

Everything has been designed to transport you to the world of the greatest rally raids: its notched bezel resembles the wheels of a 4x4, the iconic desert racing vehicle, the dial design looks like tire tracks left on the sand and the hour hand is reminiscent of a compass. Just like the famous field watches worn by military personnel, the 24-hour indicator in the dial allows you to read the time at a glance. Its fabric strap is made of a technical material similar to that of seat belts and offers full comfort in all situations.

Colors that evoke adventure

Two color options pay homage to timeless rally-raid journeys: Khaki, which evokes the dust of each day’s long routes and Blue, which resembles the nights when the drivers set up camp for a short break. Both versions have sand-colored accents that recall the ocher-colored earth of the desert tracks. 

The ideal tool for your daily challenges

Serie-P Offroad is an indispensable and practical tool for those who make their own way. Thanks to the special graduated scale on the dial and its bidirectional bezel engraved with the cardinal points, you can use the watch as a compass to locate a direction easily and to orient yourself everywhere, even in the most hostile terrain. See all the details about how it works.

Reliable and Strong

Offroad fits perfectly into the world of Serie-P performance. It’s a reliable, high-performance timepiece inspired by the legendary Tools watches. It’s equipped with a Miyota 8315 movement known for its robustness and a completely weekend-proof 60-hour power reserve. It will be the essential tool for all your adventures even at night thanks to Lumicast molded indices.

A chassis that can withstand anything

Tackle any challenge while wearing this watch. It has a durable, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel case, a wraparound crown guard and a virtually scratch-proof notched sapphire crystal! The whole thing is completed by a transparent caseback that allows you to fully admire its fine mechanics. 

Offroad undoubtedly symbolizes your passion for the most extreme automotive adventures.

Putting beautiful mechanics on as many wrists as possible

At Depancel, we’re on a mission to put beautiful mechanics on the maximum number of wrists! And to do that, we’re focusing on quality rather than quantity: we make few timepieces, but we make sure to make the good ones.

What this means in practice is that we start by asking you what you think, therefore we’re sure we’re making watches you’re going to like, because they meet your expectations. From the design to technical specifications and color options, the Depancel community has a say in every decision.

Also, we sell our products through pre-orders: we have very limited inventory. That’s why we can invest the majority of our costs in the quality of our watches, and thus offer you a great warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before wearing a mechanical or automatic watch, it is advisable to wind it manually by means of the crown (about 20 rotations of the crown in the closed position), and then to wait a few minutes before setting your watch.

To protect your mechanism from breakage, the simplest and least risky way is to set your watch to 6:30 and then make the various settings for the month, date and day.

The month setting should never be made between 22:30 and midnight on the night of the 31st and the 1st of the month.

The date setting should be done around the time of day and never between 8.30 pm and 2 am.

The daytime should never be set between 11.30 pm and 4 am.

Visit our YouTube page to discover our tutorials for setting up and using your Depancel: YouTube - Depancel

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects occurring during normal use, as described in the following conditions: Depancel will replace free of charge all components that are defective due to a manufacturing error as determined by our technical services.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  1. Theft, loss, force majeure or the consequences of natural disasters.
  2. Normal wear and tear and ageing of the watch (e.g. scratched glass, discolouration and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, textile or rubber, delamination of plated metals, stop of the battery after normal lifespan for mecaquartz etc.).
  3. All types of damage to all or part of the watch resulting from mishandling or misuse, lack of maintenance or maintenance handled by non-authorized , negligence, accident (dropping, scratching, crushing, broken glass, etc.), improper use of the watch, or failure to follow the instructions provided by Depancel.
  4. All types of damage indirectly related to or resulting from the normal wear and tear of the watch, such as for example, malfunctions, defects or inaccuracies of the Depancel watch.

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