Embarquez dans l’univers de Série-A Allure !

Step into the world of Serie-A Allure

Serie-A Allure is for the man with a passion for fine mechanics who swears by excellence and precision. For him, his car and his watch are not only useful everyday objects, they are the symbol of his passion and even of his personality.

In 2021, we invited you to help us create the very first Depancel chronograph. 

More than 10,000 of you responded to our questionnaires and we’ve taken time to carefully read what you shared.

Your feedback and many months of hard work have brought us to this moment: The Serie-A Allure will soon be available to pre-order and we want to tell you more about it.

First time hearing about this project? Check out our first article about chronographs, where they come from and how they work

More than a watch—a symbol of your passion for fine mechanics

During the 20th century, big-name watchmakers made significant contributions to the development of automobiles by designing counters for measuring speed (vehicle instruments, tachymeters, tachometers, ammeters and race clocks) and keeping time (chronometers and chronographs). These tools were essential because they helped drivers measure their performance. When you think about it, not many sports and products are as closely linked as auto racing and watches.

Even today, watchmaking and cars attract the same audience, which is why many watchmakers create timepieces inspired by cars to pay tribute to this world that draws so many enthusiasts. 

And since a chronograph watch is so closely linked with cars, we wanted to offer one made specifically for you! 

Introducing Serie-A Allure, the perfect combination of sporty design and elegance, a watch you can wear on the track as well as in your everyday life. That’s why it fits perfectly into the Serie-A line.

The Serie-A Allure is made for a man who appreciates fine mechanics, who swears by excellence and precision. For him, his car and his watch aren’t just useful everyday objects. They are a symbol of his passion and personality. 


A design made just for you

Since they were created in the 19th century, chronographs have stood the test of time, evolving and fascinating the watchmaking world. We’ve seen them on the wrists of influential people like movie star Steve McQueen. One of the most iconic chronographs in history went to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission. And some have appeared on the big screen. For many years, chronograph watches have continued to amaze aficionados of beautiful timepieces… and of fine mechanics in general! 

We decided to create a chronograph specifically for you, our community of enthusiasts. As usual, we asked you to work with us on developing an automatic chronograph that combines elegance and performance.

When asked if you wanted the counters in a vertical or horizontal layout, 74% of you said horizontal. 

Done! The Serie-A Allure dial has two small sunray counters that play up the automotive style. There are also different finishes: a honeycomb pattern that echoes a grille, a circular polished surface under the hour markers and red and orange accents that will remind you of brake lights and turn signals.

But that’s not all! The majority of you prefer mushroom pushers since they’re easier to use while wearing racing gloves. So we put mushroom pushers inspired by engine pistons on the Serie-A Allure.

The complication, design and colors were all selected to transport you to the auto racing scene. The bright Ion Blue dial is both contemporary and symbolic of dreams, the more muted Jet Black highlights the collection’s elegant side and the Silver Panda is reminiscent of brushed metal bodywork. Like the DeLorean in Back to the Future, it pairs gray and white, creating the essential panda chronograph style that is so popular with watch enthusiasts.

A perfectly primed motor

When we asked whether you preferred a quartz movement or an automatic movement, your response was nearly unanimous: 89% of you said you wanted an automatic movement. This confirms that the Depancel community is filled with people who love fine mechanics.

That’s why the Serie-A Allure features an automatic Swiss ETA 7753 movement. This reliable caliber is known for its durability and precision. This motor is uncommon and becoming more difficult to find. Our watchmakers have carefully prepared and personalized it to give you a bicompax style, a date display at six o’clock and a honeycomb design on the rotor that mirrors the dial’s motif. This is all protected by a 316L polished/brushed steel case and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Beyond the complication, manufacturing complexity is another element that makes a chronograph watch so popular since the assembly and finishing process requires even more attention to detail, patience and expertise than a traditional watch.

Complication and sporty features par excellence

You are true enthusiasts! For the question, “what type of calibration would you like to see on your chronograph”, the majority of you chose a tachymeter.

Ask and you shall receive! The tachymeter, which measures speed, is an instrument automatically associated with a chronograph complication. The Serie-A Allure tachymeter echoes your car’s gauges. Use it to measure your performance. We printed the scale on a scratch-proof ceramic ring, a material known for durability that is also used in the automotive world.

At Depancel, we love to highlight the strong connection between auto racing and watchmaking. Each of our collections symbolizes your passion for these two worlds. The Serie-A Allure offers a contemporary take on the chronograph, the iconic timepiece of motorsports.



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