Our passion for motor racing and mechanical engineering goes beyond a simple fascination for cars. At Depancel, we have chosen to become fully involved in this world. By attending prestigious motor racing events, we infuse our passion for watchmaking and motor racing into every detail of our timepieces. As a result, our delighted clients enjoy a unique experience that highlights both the excellence of watchmaking and the emotions of motor racing.

GPX Historic

Depancel, Timepartner of GPX Historic, This partnership marks an extraordinary alliance between two entities that share the same values of excellence, authenticity and performance, in the fields of motor racing for one and watchmaking for the other.

GPX Group, based in Dubai, is a motorsport company founded in 2015 by Frédéric Fatien. A motorsport enthusiast, Fred Fatien has turned his passion for racing into an ambitious and successful project. He created GPX Group to share his passion for motorsport on a global scale, developing entities dedicated to competition, event organization, and the Historic Preservation of racing cars.

French Grand Prix with GPX

Alongside GPX Historic, we are fully committed to the world's leading classic races, including participation in the entire Masters Historic Racing season. This commitment allows us to celebrate the heritage and timeless elegance of historic racing cars, embodying our passion for performance and tradition at every event.

Back in pictures on the exceptional weekend of the Grand Prix de France Historique, which took place from 19 to 21 April on the legendary Paul Ricard circuit. GPX shined by winning the French Grand Prix with our Ambassador Oliver Webb at the controls of his Hesketh "ex James Hunt".

Control your drive


The drivers and staff of the GPX historic team are equipped with the latest pieces from Depancel's Allure collection. These mechanical chronographs have been carefully designed to be essential companions in the measurement of lap times and to reflect the essence of racing.


Passion and spontaneity, these are the qualities that drive us as children and that we should continue to cultivate at all times. The road is long and full of possibilities, so listen to your dreams and let them guide you. Press the pedal and enjoy!



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