La belle histoire de l'horlogerie

The Intricate History of Timepieces

We’re going behind the scenes of humanity’s quest to measure time using everything from the first sundial to modern watches.
L’histoire des Ton-Up Boys & des Café Racer

The History of Ton-Up Boys and Café Racers

Let’s take a trip back in time to meet the first Ton-Up Boys in 1950s Britain.
La fabrication de votre Depancel

How your Depancel watch is made

You recently pre-ordered a Depancel and since you opted for quality, it will take three to six months before your watch gets to your wrist.
Rencontre avec Stephan Lamarre : Pilote du Dakar Classic

Interview with Stephan Lamarre: Dakar Classic Driver

At Depancel, we were very curious to know more about this race and its participants, so we went to meet Stephan Lamarre, a Dakar Classic driver.
Repousser ses limites au milieu du désert

Pushing your limits in the middle of the desert

At Depancel, we are passionate about cars and watches. What we like most of all is to highlight the strong links that exist between these two worlds and how one can serve the other.
The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Today, September 25, 2022, is the Distinguished Gentleman's Drive, a rally of elegance that brings together gentlemen drivers from around the world.
Le mouvement méca-quartz

The Meca-Quartz movement

The principle of a meca-quartz movement is to combine the precision of quartz with the beauty of traditional watchmaking thanks to a quartz movement paired with a mechanical module.
Suivi de production Série-A Allure

Serie-A Allure production monitoring

By choosing a Depancel, you choose to pre-order your watch! This means that 3 to 6 months will pass before your watch is on your wrist. Your watch will go through several steps starting with the ma...
La recherche de performance au cœur de l’endurance

How Performance Drives Success in Endurance Racing

Motorsports offer a wide range of worlds where every enthusiast can find something to suit them. At Depancel, we like to share with you about each of these worlds, in this article, it is endurance ...

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